MPF Amazonino forces to withdraw "Love to the public cause" and "clean house" of government advertisements

A propaganda institucional desvirtuada pode caracterizar abuso de poder político. If it is proven abuse, the law provides for the cancellation of registration or benefited candidate's diploma.
20/03/2018 13h52 - Updated 21/03/2018 17h17
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The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) He recommended to the governor of Amazonas, Amazonino Mendes, to remove all institutional advertising that contains the words "love to the public cause", "Tidying up" or any other variation. The recommendation directs the governor adopt measures to restrict institutional advertising with possible self-promotion content, during the election period this year, being allowed only advertising that is limited to identifying the public good.

The MPF quotes, the recommendation, the State Executive has disclosed institutional advertising with the slogan "Love to the public cause", expression closely linked to the campaign motto of the current governor-election 2017, to the detriment of the official and impersonal symbols that should guide public administration.

According to the recommendation, the governor should not allow increments to institutional advertising, until the end of the first half of this year, so that the administration has no higher expenses than the average spent on advertising in the first half of the year 2015, 2016 e 2017. In the three months prior to elections this year, the governor should not authorize or permit the placement of any institutional advertising, whatever its content, except in cases of serious and urgent need; in this case, must seek prior authorization from the Electoral Court for disclosure.

record Cassation and administrative misconduct
The MPF warning that advertising can characterize weakened institutional abuse of political power, when the placement of advertising of acts, programs, works, services and campaigns of Government agencies go beyond the information, education and social guidance and contains names, symbols or images that constitute personal promotion.

If it is proven abuse, the law provides for the cancellation of registration or benefited candidate's diploma, ineligibility addition of agents who carried out the misuses. The MPF says that the objective of the recommendation is to prevent abusive behaviors occur, also preventing the election results will be changed by court action, frustrating the voter.

In addition to the electoral repercussions, the public official that detract institutional advertising can also be held liable for improper conduct, since the conduct violates the principles of impersonality, morality and legality, underlying the Public Administration.

The governor of Amazonas should scientificize current and future state secretaries and government leaders, public foundations, public enterprises and joint stock companies linked to the government, in Amazonas State, on the recommendation of content.

The document sent to the governor expected within ten working days to be reported to the MPF the measures adopted to comply with the recommendation.

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