Nejmi Aziz announces candidacy Liliane Araújo live in

The wife of Omar Aziz pointed to the journalist and said: "Our candidate, Liliane”.
13/03/2018 15h38 - Updated 14/03/2018 16h18
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In a Live on Facebook, while on a prior, in Parintins, the tribute to her husband and Senator, Omar Aziz, receive at City Hall of the Municipality, the former first lady Nejmi Aziz surprised her journalist Liliane Araújo and announced as a candidate.

To play with his followers and show behind the scenes of tribute, Nejmi turned the camera, He pointed to and said Liliane: "Our candidate, Liliane, now, here live ". The journalist replied with a "hi" and answered Nejmi why he decided to enter politics. "I felt the need to be more than a spokesman communities (…). I can be more useful to me making available to society ".

Soon after the by-election, Liliane Araújo was appointed by Amazonino to exercise the executive secretary function of the Social Promotion Fund (FPS). He spent three months in office. He left before the deadline for desincompatibilizações. Should competing for a place in (OF / AM).

Source: YES column&NO

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