Pastor suspected of raping faithful is stuck at home

He became known as "ear manic", as always began their harassment licking the ears of victims.
13/03/2018 15h17 - Updated 13/03/2018 15h38
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A pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church was arrested early on Tuesday, at his home in Count, the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, in Operation Liberation Civil Police of Minas Gerais. Wilson Jorge Ferreira, from 51 years, It is investigated by several sexual abuse and rape of vulnerable since May 2017. The case is ongoing in the Specialized Police to Fight Sexual Violence from the state capital.

Named as one of the leaders of the congregation and active in the region of Belo Horizonte there 25 years, Pastor was became known by the nickname Maniac ear, to always start their harassment licking the ears of victims.

According to the delegate Larissa Mascotte, responsible for investigations, at least 10 victims are expected to provide testimony this week.

“In none of the cases under investigation was carnal knowledge. Second it was found, the suspect put his hand on the genitals of the victims, licked the ear them and aliciava. We are also investigating a case of a girl, who at the time of the facts was underage, and it was reported that among rape 12 e 16 years old”, highlighted.

It was also served a warrant for search and seizure at the residence of the suspect, and various electronic devices seized.

Mascotte also said that several of the victims and witnesses have been heard, as contained in police investigation.

“Headlines of at least ten other victims who will testify about the facts in the coming days. Probation was represented by the civil police to maintain public order, besides the fact that some victims have reported that they were being threatened by author”, said Mascotte.

The delegate reported that the pastor took advantage of his position in the Church to sexually abuse the victim and then threatened them not to denounce abuses, or the defamed in services aimed at discrediting them.

“Silence is the greatest enemy of the victims in these cases. It is very important these women seek the police station to report”, said.

The case is still under investigation and should be referred to the Justice completed in the coming days. The pastor liable for harassment offensive to modesty, vulnerable and simple rape rape.

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