For the first time, Gleisi cites possibility of Lula arrested

The president of the PT first talked about the possibility on Facebook.
13/03/2018 15h56 - Updated 13/03/2018 15h56
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The president of the PT, Senator Gleisi Hoffmann, released a video on Facebook that first talked about the possibility of arrest of former President Lula, condemned by the Federal Regional Court (TRF-4) a 12 years and one month in the case of the triplex of Guaruja.

Senator says that the arrest of the PT will be the biggest attack on democracy in Brazil, urges militants to campaign against and affirms that the PT "go with Lula to the bitter end".

"We live in dark times in Brazil. We have no democratic normality, political and institutional […] It is this process that Lula's persecution happens ", argued explains Sen..

The PT argues that the Supreme Court put on the agenda again the discussion on serving the sentence after trial on appeal.

"They want to hold the Lula with the conviction of a second instance court. The Brazilian Constitution is clear: no one can be arrested except by final judgment of conviction. And final judgment is when the last court gives its verdict on the process. And the final court is the Supreme Court ", Senator explained.

"It is absurd to want to hold the most popular leader this country has ever had. We can not watch it as normal. It is not normal. Lula is all the achievements that people had in the past 30 years […] Lula hold trap is the hope of the Brazilian people, your confidence, your dream", He followed Senator.

Gleisi urged PT and activists from social movements to campaign for "clarification to the people".

"Lula's arrest is one of the biggest setbacks to the Brazilian society, to our democracy and the right of conquest. "

He concluded: "Lula's arrest will be very perverse to the Brazilian people. We have to make it clear: You will not watch quietly to the arrest of our leader, by the way, the leader of the people. We go with Lula to the end. We go with Lula to the bitter end. "

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