Police decide to keep stoppage on Thursday (15) by Amazonino not assign all claims

Segundo a categoria o governador os recebeu “armado de fúria, dando esporro e causando constrangimento”.
13/03/2018 16h17 - Updated 14/03/2018 16h18
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Representatives of three squares of the categories of associations of the Military Police and the Fire Department announced at a press conference on Tuesday (13) that will keep act of stoppage of services for the next day 15. At the time of the category statement the governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT) signed promoting 2.096 military police.

Through associations, the squares demanding payment of wage replacement, delayed three years, maintaining law 1.404, allowing promotion for length of service and promotion of more 2 thousand police officers in addition to the governor signed today.

According to the governor, promotions are a result of extensive discussions with the category, who signed the minutes validating the decision.

To the representatives of the police and firefighters, this meeting with the governor would not have been so civilized.

According told the press today, the governor received the "armed fury, giving scolding [breakdown] and causing embarrassment. we want dialogue, a civilized meeting ".

As constitutionally may not strike, the strategy will be absent from work for three days. According to the presidents of the associations, there will be no accumulation of police nowhere to not characterize riot, considered a crime in the military laws.

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