Supreme Court accepts complaint, and Jucá become a defendant in process linked to Odebrecht

Thereby, Senator passes, for the first time, to appear as a defendant in the Supreme Court.
13/03/2018 15h50 - Updated 13/03/2018 15h50
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The First Chamber of the Supreme Court (STF) accepted today (13), unanimously, denunciation of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) against Senator Romero Juca (MDB-RR) the crimes of corruption and money laundering, Operation of unfolding in a jet wash.

Thereby, Senator passes, for the first time, to appear as a defendant in the Supreme Court, the first open criminal proceedings in the Supreme due to the winning of snitching Odebrecht. This is one of 13 investigations against Juca processed by the Court.

Juca was denounced by the former director of Institutional Relations of Claudio Mello Odebrecht. According to the executive, Odebrecht has, in 2014, an official election donation of R $ 150 thousand regional MDB directory Roraima, while arguing with Senator approval, in Congress, two provisional measures (MPs) for the benefit of the company.

On the day of donation, the regional directory MDB transferred the amount to Rodrigo Juca, son of Senator, who at the time was running for vice governor of Roraima.

Para o MPF, the money was donated in return for political action Juca, which proposed amendments to modify the texts of MPs 651 e 656, both of 2014, to ensure tax benefits for Odebrecht Group.

"It is clear as clear water made the implication Romero Juca, so that his defense will be full and complete. Asked him and, after this request, actually received undue advantage ", said Assistant Attorney General of the Republic of Julian Andrade. To prove that it is not improper advantage, “would Romero Juca to prove the love of Odebrecht for him, unconditional love”, he added.

The lawyer Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro, representing Juca, He said during the trial that the MPF intends to criminalize regular gig senator as parliamentary. He also read excerpts from snitching on which it based the complaint, arguing that, at any time, Claudio Melo Filho said, fully, that the electoral donation out consideration for the modification of the provisional measures.

"There criminalization, sim, policy, clearly in this case ", said lawyer, known as kakay. He acknowledged that Juca spoke with Odebrecht during the course of MPs, and also asked for donation to the company, but stressed that "no, even en passant [superficially, passing], any possibility of being classified illegal or crime evidence ".

For the rapporteur, Minister Marco Aurélio Mello, there is reasonable doubt about the legal nature of the electoral donation to justify the continuation of investigations. He was accompanied by ministers Luis Roberto Barroso, Rosa Weber and Alexandre de Moraes. Minister Luiz Fux did not attend the session.

"The ambiguity about the legal interpretation to be given to electoral donation – performed at the same time to take matter of donor interest, no what, from the perspective of defense reveal the criminalization of legitimate exercise of political and parliamentary activity -, at this time, directs the receipt of the complaint, without thereby laying the guilt of the accused ", said rapporteur.

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