Venezuela gives cap of nearly R $ 1 billion in Brazil and government assumes payment

Dívida é referente a uma parcela de empréstimos feitos junto ao BNDES que venceram em janeiro.
20/03/2018 17h07 - Updated 20/03/2018 17h08
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

SAO PAULO – Venezuela failed to pay $ 901 milhões ao Brasil referentes a uma parcela de empréstimos feitos junto ao BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) who won in January. The information is the UOL portal, que diz que o banco acionou o FGE (Export Guarantee Fund) to refund the purchase.

Thereby, who is assuming the bill is the government itself until the government of Nicolas Maduro pay what should. Isso porque o FGE é um fundo do Tesouro Nacional ligado ao Ministério da Fazenda, exactly suited to cover guarantees provided by the Federal Government export credit operations.

According to the news portal, a Venezuela ainda deve para o BNDES o equivalente a R$ 3,15 billion, R $ 2,36 billion only works by Brazilian contractors in the country, over 90% these companies involved in Operation Lava Jet.

Venezuela is going through a serious financial, with inflation over 2.500%, which has left the people with no purchasing power for basic health and hygiene products. Besides that, Maduro's government is facing severe international sanctions, which led to the creation of a state-backed cryptocurrency in the oil barrel.

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