Wesley Batista is called “bum, thief "in the restaurant

After the protest, the businessman left the restaurant accompanied by military police.
13/03/2018 14h18 - Updated 14/03/2018 12h43
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Videos circulating on social networks show the entrepreneur Wesley Batista, da JBS, belonging to the group J&F, being harassed in a restaurant in Itaim Bibi, upscale neighborhood of the South Zone of São Paulo, to be confused with his brother Joesley Batista.

The protest goers steakhouse occurred on Sunday afternoon (11), two days after Joesley Batista leave the incarceration of the Superintendent of the Federal Police in Sao Paulo, following judgment which determined the release him. The two businessmen are accused of participating in a corruption scheme involving the Federal Government.

in pictures, you can hear cries of "off, thief", “out, Joesley”, "clown", "Tramp" and "go home, thief'. Meanwhile, Wesley appears sitting at a table together with other people. After the protest, the businessman left the restaurant accompanied by military police.

A JBS e a J&F said they would not comment on the case.

The press reported that the military police was thrown around 17h20 to answer a call that someone was being harassed in a restaurant. 19h, there was an update on the PM's record stating that the case was taken to the 14th DP. The corporation, However, not reported that such an occurrence was recorded.

The official responsible for the restaurant on Sunday evening confirmed the report that Wesley Baptist was at the scene this afternoon, He was booed and eventually withdrawing from the establishment.

Wesley Batista left the incarceration of PF in Sao Paulo at dawn 21 of fevreiro, when he and his brother had Joesley probation replaced by precautionary measures, by decision of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). Joesley, however, He followed arrested because there was one second arrest warrant against him, and could only be released on Friday after new court ruling.

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