Amazonino hits ALE-AM and fold salary of R $ secretaries 13,5 thousand to R $ 27,5 one thousand

Without consulting the Legislative Assembly Governor decree published and struck the Federal Constitution.
10/04/2018 13h35 - Updated 11/04/2018 16h22
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Without consulting the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM), Governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT) published decree doubling the salary of secretaries of their management, R $ 13,5 thousand to R $ 27,5 one thousand. According to Deputy Serafim Correa (PSB), the silent action of the governor runs over the legislature and hurts the Federal Constitution.

O Decree No. 38.853, from 9 April 2018, It was published in the same date of the Official State Gazette (DOE-AM), and revealed by the parliamentary speech during the small hours of the ALE-AM, Tuesday (10). The increase for the secretaries will be given by means of allowance of R $ 14 one thousand.

"Clearly, Mr. Governor be willing to trample the Legislature. We are under the aegis of the Federal Constitution, and when it comes both to comply with the constitution is good to say that this is a clear breach of the Constitution. The governor is running over the legislative process and is trampling the democratic rule of law ", evaluated Serafim.

parliamentary, who is leader of the PSB in the ALE-AM, He questioned whether it is reasonable and defensible that the governor Amazonino grant this increase to its staff, while teachers, for example, They had to resort to strike to have a salary adjustment 27% , and further installments.

"I understand that not. And what is clear to me is that he (Amazonino) sure that the correlation of forces he does not have the majority here in the Legislative Assembly, and he was afraid of the wear that suffer sending this bill to the House, and also the effects that this will have on the rest of the civil service ", Serafim concluded saying that repudiates the way adopted by the government.

In addition to doubling the salary of secretaries, Governor also presented with the same "benefit": executive secretaries and presidents of municipalities and foundations bonus of R $ 11,6 one thousand; Deputy Executive Secretaries with bonus of R $ 10,2 one thousand.

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