Bolsonaro rebate Alckmin: “I'm not in Lava Jet, invents another”

Former governor had said that MP is the "passport for the return of PT"
18/04/2018 16h38 - Updated 19/04/2018 15h59
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The pre-candidate presidential PSL, Jair Bolsonaro, countered on Tuesday (17) statements also the presidential candidate Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) that is cited. The toucan said at dinner that Bolsonaro is the "passport to back of the PT".

"I'm not in Lava Jet, Alckmin, invents another. I'm doing my part, walking by Brazil. I have no obsession with power. I do not need special venue ", said Bolsonaro to Poder360.

The military said the toucan benefited from justice in Lava Jet. Last week, the Minister of STJ Nancy Andrighi sent the investigation against the former governor of São Paulo to the Electoral Court of the State.

"The prosecution eased for Alckmin. Turned criminal matter in electoral crime. I do my pre-campaign without criticizing anyone ", spoke.

Bolsonaro said that, if elected, the indication for the presidency will be up to BC economist Paulo Guedes. He did not rule out the name of the speaker, Ilan Goldfajn: "Who will define is Paul Guedes. It is he who will indicate. He likes Ilan, I know that. And I have no problem with anyone. I'm going back ".

Jair Bolsonaro downplayed the results of Joaquim Barbosa (PSB) and Marina Silva (Network) in voting intention poll released on Sunday by Datafolha (15.apr).

Marina records 16% of the vote in the scenarios without Lula. Barbosa already grew in the polls and appears tied the margin of error with names like Alckmin and Ciro Gomes (PDT).

"Barbosa was already probed for months. It is in the range 7%, 8%. Keeps this band there 1 year. It's a novelty? IT IS. Everyone appears when starts getting shot, as it happened to me.

About Marina Silva spoke: "One more option. Leave her. How much more [candidates], best".

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