Amazonino search for alternatives to public safety in the United States is inconsistent, says David

For parliamentary reality and Amazon laws are completely different from the North American country.
19/04/2018 15h26 - Updated 20/04/2018 17h31
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The search for the governor Amazonino Mendes, for Amazon to public safety alternatives, in the United States of America (USA), with the former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giulianni, to reduce crime rate and violence in the Amazon is at least inconsistent. The rating is the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly, Mr David Almeida (PSB).

For parliamentary initiative, with Giuliani, will not bring real results, since the reality and the Amazon laws are completely different from the North American country. "The public money wasted to take pictures with Giuliani and sell a false picture now, the safety of our families will improve. For other states where the problem with violence is higher, like Rio de Janeiro and Ceará, not been to New York to talk to Giuliani? Why another reality, will not have resulted ", he stressed.

The president also questioned Aleam, how this pursuit of the governor took. Amazonino said in video and text, published on social networks, the trip this was a technical visit, in the field of public security. However, It did not take in entourage his Secretary of Public Safety. "This story of going to the Giuliani to advice on the 'Zero Tolerance', program adopted when he was mayor of New York, without being accompanied by any technical server that acts in Public Safety, It is at least strange ", David stressed.

David Almeida also talked about the visit of the governor, Judge Flavio Pascarelli, last Wednesday (18) a hazard. According to the president of the Legislative Assembly, Pascarelli made some requests as governor and was willing to align dialogue with parliament. One of the topics treated Pascarelli was the adjustment of the state government secretaries.

"I, every time I used the platform, I said that I am in favor of increasing the salaries of secretaries, just put me against, which was conducted by way. Even made a warning to protect the secretaries, perchance receive this feature, they would be committing a liability crime, illicit enrichment. The governor Amazonino Mendes stepped back and revoked this illegal act signed by himself ", he explained David.

The president said that the Legislature is open for new dialogues on the subject, so that the agenda to be discussed, in plenary, and thus have a new vote.

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