Advisor TEC-AM suspends cars ambulances lease for Samu Manaus

Por indício de irregularidades, a bid in progress Semsa, na modalidade pregão foi suspensa.
14/04/2018 13h55 - Updated 16/04/2018 15h56
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Decision monocratic, signed in the late afternoon of Friday (13), Vice President of Amazon Court (TCE) and rapporteur of the Municipal Health accounts (Sems) the year 2018, director Mario Mello, decided, by irregularities hint, a bid in progress Semsa, the trading mode, for the hiring company specializes in providing rental service 20 vehicles (type Ambulances), without labor and without fuel, the price registration system, to meet the needs of the Program SAMU 192 Manaus Metropolitan.

The order attended a representation, with request for injunction, formulated by the company Lebanon Urban Cleaning Services, Construction Ltda., requesting the suspension of the Notice of Electronic Auction No. 19/2018 – CML/PM. Before suspending the session, However, the rapporteur had granted a period of five days to the secretary of Semsa, Marcelo Magaldi Alves, for justifications and explanations of irregularities, but the response was not satisfactory.

Of the six irregularities pointed out by Lebanons Services against the notice in the representation, three supported the precautionary, They violated the Public Procurement Law and Contracts (Lei n ° 8666/1993) and Trading of Law No. 10.520/2002: failure to submit the estimated value of the contract and the budget; the requirement in the Terms of Reference (item 6) of vehicle compliance with the standards issued by Contran / Denatran Ordinance and Traffic Department (DMV) n° 1153/2002, without observing that this instrument regulates school transport vehicles, which have no relation with the object of bidding; and the requirement in the Terms of Reference (Anexo II) licensing and license plate of the vehicle in DMV of Manaus / AM, restricting the competitive nature of the event and equality among bidders.

Although Semsa has argued that the company was not entitled to request the suspension of the notice, for not having participated trading, the counselor understand the bidding process represented a potential damage to public coffers, not to mention that the restriction to wide competitiveness and equality of bidders were tarnishing the whole bidding in general.

In its order, the rapporteur ordered the immediate notification of the health secretary, to suspend the event processing process until the, under penalty decision of non-compliance case. The Semsa has the term 15 days to inform the TCE-AM about the fulfillment of this precautionary measure and the measures adopted on the bidding process now questioned.

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