Mr criticizes bidding waiver practice of state government

According to Parliament, only the first four months of 2018 They have been made 160 layoffs of bids by the Executive.
24/04/2018 15h14 - Updated 25/04/2018 15h07
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Deputy Sabá Reis (PR) occupied the Tribune Amazon Legislature (hazard) on Tuesday (24) to criticize the State Government for the practice of dispensing auctions conducted during the months of mandate of governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT). According to Parliament, only the first four months of 2018 They have been made 160 layoffs of bids by the Executive.

"This corresponds to a bid waiver by day", highlighted Kings, citing as an example the agreement signed by the Department of Education (Seduc) the company OM Boat Rental Boats Ltda., what, without bidding, It was contracted for R $ 12.493.680,78 to run the folder for the term logistics service 90 days.

Another example cited by the Parliament is the signed contract, also by Seduc, with Mac Id Trade Company, services, and Computer Technology Ltd.. that the amount of R $ 9.012.799,68 will provide reprographic and printing services to the folder for a period of one year.

Given this practice of hiring companies without due process bidding an affront to law and disrespect to free competition, Sabbat Kings deputy charged transparency Amazonino governor and commitment to the issues that really allow the bid waiver, as is the case of the city of Parintins streets (a 369 km from Manaus).

According to images presented by deputy during his speech, Parintins streets, near the bounds, They are on the verge of collapse. Reis said the situation poses risks to pedestrians and vehicles that circulate around there, and therefore filed an application which asks the state government the immediate recovery of the roads. "Like this, sim, It is an emergency issue ", said. "What the governor make a new dispensation bidding and solve the population problem", concluded.

answer Seduc
About the statement of the state deputy Sheba Kings, citing layoffs in bidding State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC), the folder makes it clear that in both cases cited the new management has adopted such a measure so that essential services did not stop.

The emergency contract with the company OM Boat Rental Boats Ltda., It was made to ensure the acquisition and transportation of foodstuff school meals.

The other emergency contract with Mac Id Trade Company, services, Ltda and Information Technology took care not to interrupt the, the whole network, of reprographic services.

It is important to remember that the situation occurred because the two previous administrations did not make bids for the continuity of these services. It is worth mentioning, also, that contracts of both services entered the deadlines in the management of interim governor David Almeida, which the deputy was Sabbat Reis supporter, the acting governor took no action to launch bidding process.

Faced with this new management framework adopted emergency measures to ensure essential services and in parallel started the bidding process for both.

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