Congressman asks impeachment Amazonino Mendes governor for disrespect to the Constitution

Successive trips of Governor abroad without the report delivery to Aleam, It was one of the reasons given by the parliamentary.
18/04/2018 17h43 - Updated 19/04/2018 15h59
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Failure by the governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT) the State Constitution and disrespect for Amazon Legislature (hazard), can lead you to face impeachment proceedings cap governor role of the state. The application was presented to the Steering Committee by Deputy Sheba Kings (PR), Secretary General of Power, on the morning of Wednesday (18). The representation of the parliamentary discussion now goes to the Committee on Constitution and Justice and Writing (CCJR).

In his speech, Saba explained that the salary increase of more than 100% given the state secretaries, and the attempt to make a reform of the State through Decree, swindling the law and try to delete the legislature to participate in the process. "Can not a person who ruled for four times that State Children's comet errors like this", He noted.

Another error pointed out by the Parliament are the successive trips of the governor to the outside without the report delivery to Aleam, as envisaged in the State Constitution, in Article 53, in paragraphs one and two. according Sheba, Parliament has already asked for clarification about the trips, but the request has not been met.

A few months ago the governor Amazonino invented trip to the United States chartering private plane claiming that the purpose of the trip would be to make an appointment with the former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, on combating marginality, through its program called 'Zero Tolerance'. He did not give a damn for the document issued by the Assembly and, much less, to meet governing the Constitution of the State. Worst of all is that traveled back to the US with the same excuse. All lie, because behind the farce what is at stake is the negotiation of a Amazonas State assets: the Cigás”, he said.

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