Amazonino governor criticized the ALE-AM to spend millions with personal publicity

Political received harsh criticism issued by deputy Jose Ricardo (PT).
20/04/2018 17h23 - Updated 21/04/2018 16h09
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“This attitude is an archaic attitude of government, that is outside of reality that modern times call today, with popular participation, with transparency and with a design that truly improves the lives of the people”. Those were the harsh criticisms made by Mr José Ricardo (PT), before spending on advertising and propaganda carried out by the Governor of the State, Amazonino Mendes (PDT), which has already authorized more than R $ 71 million to use in this area only in the year 2018, of which more than R $ 20 million has been paid.

José Ricardo, these expenses are unnecessary and biased, since advertising is personal, and no community of interest. “The governor is spending millions in advertising, but it is no institutional campaign or guidance to improve the population's quality of life. It's just spreading himself, saying they are six months of control of public finances and fiscal responsibility”, He shot parliamentary noting that would be valid all this investment in advertising if it were to positively impact people's lives.

He said the governor needs to take better care of public resources and respect the institutions, as it is now willing to rule through decrees, instead of sending Bills (PL) to discuss with the State Parliament and society. And to make matters worse, It has announced it will make agreements with the municipalities of Amazonas municipalities, However, without worrying about the criteria for approval of agreements, which would be disturbing, considering that most of the municipalities is in default.

Supervision in Tefé
This Thursday (19), José Ricardo also reported on the inspection made in public structures in the municipality of Tefé (a 523 km from Manaus), last week, where he found several problems in health, safety and education, as well as in works. "A government that continues abandoning the inside. Picture delay. And the population continues to suffer in priority areas ", he said, which will forward the report to the competent bodies, charging arrangements.

He said the city hospital is municipalized, with problems in various sectors. Among the problems, stand out: lack infusion pumps, and axiômetro, mechanical respirator, gasometria, but also lack of maintenance on electrical installations, Hydraulic and air conditioners. The borehole requires cleaning, because the water coming out of the taps are rusty, and the lack of medicines and many others.

In the Municipality of station, the situation is also serious. The building needs renovation, It is in bad shape. missing vehicles, as there are several abandoned. As for the effective, it has two delegates, five researchers, five clerks and a person cleaning. "However, on weekends, BO is not performed. Without water. The bathrooms do not work, air conditioned machines also do not. And the security cameras are broken. A pity ", he stressed.

E, in school, the building needs renovation, the internet signal is bad and a small room is designed to 76 students, where teachers say it is impossible to meet demand. Besides that, the company "Legitimate", providing outsourced services in safety and maintenance of the building, It is for three months without pay employees. "How to think of quality education with such a reality?”, He shot the deputy, remembering that it is of his own state law that limits the number of students in the classroom, which predicts that by the end of 2020 the State must conform to the parameters laid down in that legislation, building more classrooms in the state, avoid overcrowding.

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