Amazonino governor is terminated by early advertising; MPF analyzes the case

Advisors use government public services and actions to promote the number and the name of Amazonino.
23/04/2018 15h03 - Updated 24/04/2018 15h22
Photo: disclosure

The governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT), pre-candidate for reelection, It was reported to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) by use or number 12 in social networks profiles that want to promote the campaign number. The advisors use public services and government efforts to promote the number and the name of Amazonino on social networks, pre-election.

Advertisements on Facebook, for example, are followed by the hashtag #TodosPeloAmazonas - same name as the official profile Amazonino Mendes on the social network - and contained the address of the network Ama12Amazonas, and bring the phone number ending in "1212".

The latest advertising, Tuesday, 10, is a note on the allowance for secretaries of state. The posting was made after much criticism to the governor, which increased the compensation of the secretaries of R $ 13,5 thousand to R $ 27,5 one thousand. The post had, up to 14h Wednesday, 11, but of 50 shares.

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