AM government saved more than half a billion Fundeb that should be used in education

The state stopped using the resource that is enough to give the top mark to 4% teachers, who received this first government's proposal on the grounds of lack of money.
24/04/2018 14h57 - Updated 25/04/2018 15h07
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Mr Serafim Correa (PSB) presented, on Tuesday, 24, the first two months of the Fund for the Development of Basic Education and Valuing of Education Professionals report (Fundeb), not Amazonas, which proves the accumulation of R $ 513,3 million from the Fund to the State on 28 February this year. However, the accumulated is enough to give the top mark to 4% teachers, who received this first government's proposal on the grounds of lack of money. But the government stopped using half a billion reais of Fundeb in Education.

only after 16 day strike of education professionals, there was increasing adjustment 27,02%, with the approval of bill No. 72/2018 coming from the government message No. 35/2018.

According showed Serafim, the value exceeded R $ 392,9 million previously reported as accumulation of the first two months of the Fundeb, due to a surplus of R $ 193,7 million the year 2017, that was added to the transfers of January and February 2018.

"The portals of transparency of the federal government and the national treasury allow us access to the data of the Union fund transfers to states. We do not know the Internet - as it should be, because the portal of state government transparency is very bad - the allocation of resources. That way, identified in the first two months of this year had been transferred R $ 392, 9 millions. And I countered the government's proposal that offered adjustment 4% teachers, but I did not know what had been done with this money ", he explained.

Congressman warned that, as in Fundeb, every two months, Amazonas state is obliged to tell the federal government what to do with the money, It's this one, when receiving the information available on the Internet the portal FNDE -

So, recently, thanks for Fundeb, the state government presented a report. That is, the government turned the year with R $ 193.723.089,24 in FUNDEB account, received in January / February 2018 additional $ 392.920.563,97 and spent in the same period only $ 73.714.215,28. Capitalized interest of R $ 465.758,67 and thus accumulated, in 28 February 2018, in FUNDEB account, the high amount of R $ 513.395.195,70. Therefore, I had money to give a greater increase to teachers when he said he could only give 4%”, he defended.

Even as the deputy, the result of this hoarding is that the government spent the first two months only 30,65% with teaching the remuneration, when I should have spent, at least, 60%, and stored in box 61,77% when I could only keep up 5%.

"Cai Overland speech that has no money and that my numbers were" fallacious ". Have money, sim, and enough to improve education quality levels. It is up to all of us fiscalizarmos your application. Transparency is the best thing ever. The false information can not resist a sunbeam ", concluded.

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