Man arrested suspected of torturing son 3 years in the municipality of Iranduba

The child's stepmother said the boy has suffered ill-treatment and torture by his father since he arrived in Iranduba, and he claimed that never reported to suffer threats.
14/04/2018 14h04 - Updated 16/04/2018 15h56
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Jackson Costa Trinity, 25, He was arrested on the morning of Friday (13), suspected of torture and ill-treatment, committed against his son of 3 years old, on the street Jose Maria, Sun Address neighborhood, in the municipality of Iranduba (a 29 kilometers from Manaus).

According to the holder of the 31st Precinct Police Interactive (DIP), Sylvia Laureana, the research team of the police unit began investigations around the case after receiving a complaint stating that the Guardian Council, a child was seen in the company of his stepmother, a young 23 years, in a beauty salon located in that municipality, with several bruises and burns the body. In this ocasion, the girl was questioned by customers of the establishment, however, I did not know clarify the situation.

As the police authority, the child is the result of a relationship that Jackson had in the state of Pará, and that, two months ago, She brought the child to live with her current partner.

In hearings on police unit, the child's stepmother said the boy has suffered ill-treatment and torture by his father since he arrived in Iranduba, and he claimed that never denounced by fellow suffer threats. The child has the body injuries from beatings and even severe burns in the genital area.

"Attacks, that were going on in the couple's home, They were assisted by stepmother, who suffered death threats if denounce the situation, which was demonstrated during hearings. Jackson, at first, He attempted to justify the injuries caused by the burn with an accident that would have been as he ran on public streets, where he collided with a person holding a cup of porridge, which was denied by the companion, who confessed that all injuries were caused by his own father ", Sylvia explained.

Faced with the evidence collected, the holder of the 31st DIP, Delegada Sylvia Laureana, He represented to court the request for provisional arrest, which was issued on Friday (13) by Judge Carlos Henrique Silva Garden, 1 of Criminal Circuit Iranduba. The child was referred to the Treatment Center Burnley (CTQ) Hospital and Emergency Room (HPS) 28 of August, located on Avenida Mario Ypiranga, Adrianople neighborhood, south-central zone of Manaus, which was released yesterday afternoon, and it is received in an institution support, receiving psychological and social support with the support of Specialized Reference Center for Social Assistance (CREAS) Iranduba.

Jackson was indicted for the crimes of torture and ill-treatment qualified. At the end of procedures applicable in DIP, Jackson will be forwarded to Receiving and Screening Center (CRT) the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM), the eight kilometers of the BR-174 federal highway.

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