Impeachment Amazonino begins to transact in the ALE-AM and government leader says it's' coup attempt’

David Almeida as President of the house had the power to block the proposal but opted to continue the process.
19/04/2018 16h59 - Updated 20/04/2018 17h31

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A request for impeachment cap state governor, Amazonino Mendes (PDT), It was presented to the Presiding Officers of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard) by Mr Sheba Kings (PR), Secretary General of Power, yesterday (18) and began to transact on Thursday (19). The application to the presidency of the ALE-AM was sent by the president of the legislature, David Almeida (PSB), the prosecutor's home.

Almeida as President of the house had the power to block the proposal without starting the processing or heed it to fulfill the legal requirements of the application acceptance analysis or not and he chose to continue the process.

When the request to return the prosecution of ALE-AM, will once again be in the hands of David to follow or not the analysis processing of the request for impeachment against pedetista.

Justification of impeachment
In his speech, Saba explained that the salary increase of more than 100% given the state secretaries, and the attempt to make a reform of the State through Decree, swindling the law and try to delete the legislature to participate in the process. "Can not a person who ruled for four times that State Children's comet errors like this", He noted.

Another error pointed out by the Parliament are the successive trips of the governor to the outside without the report delivery to Aleam, as envisaged in the State Constitution, in Article 53, in paragraphs one and two. according Sheba, Parliament has already asked for clarification about the trips, but the request has not been met.

For the leader of the Government Amazonino Mendes in ALE-AM, Dermilson Chagas (PP), the request for impeachment is an attempted coup by the opposition.

“They are creating a political fact upon an accountability that was made. The governor said that the media (trips abroad)”, he said.

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