Young fall bridge to take selfie and suffer fractures

Victims took pictures when the side of the platform bridge collapsed and they fell from a height of 10 meters.
23/04/2018 15h38 - Updated 23/04/2018 15h38
Photo: reproduction

A young woman 22 years and two teenagers 15 e 16 years were injured on Sunday afternoon (22) after falling from a concrete bridge in the locality Xinguara, rural Castelo do Piauí, Upstate. According to the Civil Police, the victims were selfies, when a platform on the side of the bridge collapsed and they fell from a height of 10 meters. above photo, released by the Civil Police, It shows the young people at the scene the day before the fall.

The place where the accident happened is a bridge over the river pier, dividing Castle and Piauí Buriti dos Montes, and lane has no lateral outlet, only platforms that locals call “ears”. that location, people take shelter when the train passes on the railroad. In the photo released by police, you can see the teenagers coming to the point that collapsed.

Eight people were in place, taking pictures, but only three fell. They received the first call still on Regional Hospital Castle Piauí and were sent by ambulance overnight to the Emergency Hospital in Teresina, a 190 km away.

Valeria Alves Ferreira, from 22 years, is a friend, from 15 years, They had leg fractures. They have undergone surgery and are aware. The third young, from 16 years, We had fracture near the left heel.

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