Justice stipulates conditions to release Melo and Fabiana, among them bail in the amount of R $ 381,6 one thousand

Altogether the 3rd Panel of TRF1 imposed seven conditions for the couple leave jail.
18/04/2018 17h55 - Updated 19/04/2018 15h59
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After granting habeas corpus partial to the former governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, and your wife, the former first lady Fabiana Oliveira 3rd Panel Federal Court of the 1st Region (TRF1) imposed seven conditions for the couple leave jail.

Melo is caught in the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM 2) Fabiana and the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF), located in km 8 BR-174 highway (Manaus - Boa Vista).

The defense of the policy already seeks a heritage property that can be presented in court as bail collateral that is one of the conditions, since the couple's assets are blocked for Justice. With the decision, the couple will be able to leave the prison through the bail maximum value 400 minimum wages (200 for each one) - that is, R$ 381,6 one thousand - and should use electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

As 7 TRF1 conditions for release of the couple arrested in Operation Maus paths are:
1- The two attend regularly before the 4th Federal Court to inform and justify routine activities;
2- Both are prohibited from accessing or attending public and private agencies involved in the investigation "to avoid the risk of further infringements";
3- Also forbidden to have contact with other people who are investigated or under investigation is a physical way or by contact through electronic and telematic. The only exception to contact that justice is allowed in the "marital relationship" of the couple;
4- Another condition is that the two are forbidden to stay away from Manaus;
5- Bail set at 200 minimum wages for each, that is, about R $ 400 thousand for the two;
6- Use of electronic ankle bracelet. The third group indicates that "any failure to implement" the measure "does not imply, alone, the immediate release "of the couple.
7- There is also the determination of collection of passports of the two, they should hand it in to 48 hours after release.

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