girl 11 years is raped by 14 men for funk

Crime characteristics are being investigated by the Civil Police.
23/04/2018 17h33 - Updated 23/04/2018 17h33
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One child 11 years was raped by at least 14 men during a funk dance in Praia Grande, the coast of São Paulo. The police report about the abuse was recorded on Sunday (22), Police in the city headquarters. Police are investigating the case to try to identify who are the perpetrators of the crime.

A victim of family friend, who declined to be identified, He said the less sought on Friday (20), saying he had been abused. “She arrived at my door and asked to sleep in my house. She told me of rape, and I had already booked an appointment for tests, but on Sunday she felt a sharp pain and took her to the hospital”, Explain.

nonlocal, the doctor who was on duty, to do some tests, He found that the girl had had recent sexual intercourse. As the witness that accompanied it was not the victim's relative, the hospital staff decided to trigger the Guardian Council of the city, which sent a representative to the clinic to talk to the girl.

The counselor was found with the girl she had been abused by 14 men during a funk dance in Vila Mirim neighborhood, in Praia Grande. The victim said he not know and could not tell if they used condoms. “She told me that rolled heavy drinking at the party. She has 11 years, going through the minds of others, It is greatly influenced”, He tells the woman took the victim.

According to police information, after finding rape, the child was referred to the Child Protection Agency, which remains in the custody of the agency. “She went into my house and took some clothes. I did not talk more with her, because the counselor came along and did not feel very at ease”, account.

The girl's mother was contacted by the Guardian Council, but, second police information, she is hospitalized in a city hospital with health problems. The case is being investigated by the Civil Police, until now, do not know who the men responsible for the crime. The rape of the circumstances must be cleared by the Police of the City Woman.

The Praia Grande Prefecture confirmed that the child was seen in PS and Stillness, then, referred to the municipality's Home Service, where you are receiving appropriate care in relation to health and protection. The local government also promised to give monitoring camera images to the Civil Police, so the exact location of the crime is revealed by the authorities.

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