UN denies Globe and denies talks about family Kaysar

During the end of the BBB 18, James Leifert had said that the UN would help the brother to rescue the family.
21/04/2018 16h00 - Updated 23/04/2018 15h47
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We last months, Brazilian sympathized with the drama lived by Kaysar, do BBB 18, who dreams of bringing his family who lives in Aleppo, in Syria, to Brazil.

On the night of Thursday, 19, after the end of Big Brother Brazil, reality in which the Syrian was runner-up, presenter James Leifert surprised by revealing that the United Nations would help the brother to rescue the Asian country family seven years ago faces a civil war.

With the impact of the news, Leifert changed, However, the dialogue in an interview tone on Friday, 20, Show the video and said that "the UN will not go there [in Syria] saying 'where's the family Kaysar?’, is not it. It is a humanitarian organization that can answer the questions that he has ", stated.

However, according to newspaper information the Estado de S. Paulo, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), a body linked to the UN, responsible for these matters, said the issue involving the BBB of the participant's family 18 It is more complex than it seems.

Also according to UNHCR, Globo has not contacted to discuss the negotiations to bring Kaysar family to Brazil.

The war in Syria, which began in 15 March 2011 when the population took to the streets to protest against unemployment, among other issues, and it was suppressed by the government, which led to the emergence of rebel forces began to react to the arbitrariness of Bashar al-Assad dictator, lasts seven years and has no imminent end.

The conflict in the country intensified with the intervention of external forces favorable and contrary to Assad, and the subsequent emergence of internal movements, as the Islamic State, known terrorist group, responsible for several attacks in European countries, in the United States and Syria itself.

Until now, estimates are that hair-less 500 thousand people have died from the war, five million have taken refuge in other countries, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and other IDPs are considered million, that is, people are forced to flee their homes, but, unlike refugees, they have not crossed international border and are moving within their own territory.

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