Police mounted safety net to help adolescents involved in satanic cult, no AM

youth 17 years would have stolen religious items from lodge to rituals in Nova Olinda do Norte. Animals would have been sacrificed in cemetery.
25/04/2018 18h20 - Updated 25/04/2018 18h21
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A safety net was created in Northern Nova Olinda municipality, a 135 km from Manaus, to meet some 20 teenagers who would be involved in a Satanic cult. According to the Civil Police, the sect recruiting young people for mutilation ceremonies and sacrificial animals.

The aid group includes the Child Protection Council of the city, the military and civil police, the Social Assistance Reference Center (tomorrow) and Specialized Reference Centers of Social Assistance (You believe).

The case was discovered after two teenagers 17 years were arrested for theft at a lodge in the city, at the end of March. From the store, the pair took two candlesticks, two hammers, seven books, a wooden chair and a chandelier, that would be used in rituals.

One of the young seized informed police that the objects would be used in meetings of an occult sect studying demonology in the city. One said he was the leader of teens group, because it was considered the “most senior”.

"He said he held several internet searches on demonology and is the most senior, so is the leader ", said an officer of the 47th Precinct Police Interactive (DIP), which had not be named.

A police investigation was initiated. The teenagers were released after providing testimony.

According to police, little more than 20 teens participate in sect. Five of them have already made a pact to start, involving a mutilation ritual of arms with a razor blade. The events occurred always in the leader's home.

On body, youth drew symbols like inverted crosses or stars. Blood from the wound was placed in a beaker and drunk initiated by. Then, they lay on the ground, surrounded by candle, receiving and warm the body dripping wax.

Police also reported that rituals have been performed in the town cemetery. nonlocal, the group killed a cat, that had the heart eaten by young people.

The investigations also showed that, after the pact, initiates more touched on mediumship were separated so they could study about the sect and, hereafter, contact entities.

Alleged 'messenger’
The appointment of new members to the sect were allegedly made by a man, who lives in Manaus, but not identified by police yet. He would be responsible for recruiting young teens, according to a police, who also did not want to identify.

“The teenager said it has a 'messenger’ In Manaus. This person is responsible for seeking the young social networks that live in Nova Olinda and are easy conviction”, said.

After identifying teens, the names were passed on to the teen leader, that came in contact to try to convince young people.

aid network
So far, near 10 young people who participate in the cult were attended by tutelary Council and sent for psychological treatment. In addition to the cult of participants, family members have also received assistance.

“They are being accompanied by network protection and the rights guaranteed. With the exhibition that is taking, affects counseling. They are fragile”, said the president of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDCA), Luciano Cabral.

And stressed the need for more investments and public policies aimed at inclusion, occupation, education and intellectual development of young people.

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