AM politicians investigated in Lava Jet are no privileged forum is not elected in 2018

Without it they would respond in court the lower courts.
23/04/2018 14h15 - Updated 24/04/2018 15h22
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senators, Eduardo Braga (PMDB-AM), Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB-AM) and Congressman, Alfredo Nascimento (PR-AM) targets of Operation Lava jet - or research developments - will be without the so-called privileged forum is not elected in 2018. The number of parliamentarians in these conditions is almost half of 54 Senators whose terms end this year.

The venue for function prerogative, the call “privileged forum”, is the right to have, among other authorities, President, ministers, federal senators and deputies of being judged only by the Supreme.

Without this, Senators would answer in court the lower courts. As some are targets of Lava Jato, They could be tried by judge Sergio Moro, responsible for operations in Curitiba.

In the general elections of October, two thirds (54) the 81 Senate seats will be contested by candidates. The terms of senators are eight years - for the other parliamentary, are four.

Every election, a portion of the Senate is renewed. In 2014, was renewed one third of vacancies (27). Each state has elected a senator.

In this year, two of the three seats in each state and the Federal District will have new occupants or re-elected.

Recently, two politicians who were without the privileged forum were arrested by Lava Jet: former mayor Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), He had revoked the mandate in the House, and former Minister of Tourism (in government Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer) Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMDB-RN), who also chaired the House.

Lava jet processes tend to be more rapid in the lower courts. Cunha, for example, He was impeached by the House of Representatives in September 2016.

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