PSDB mayor suspected of raping child 8 years is expelled from the party

Party was manifested in a statement on Monday (23). Paulo Henrique Barros de Araújo was caught red-handed by consummate vulnerable to rape and had preventive detention.
23/04/2018 15h15 - Updated 23/04/2018 15h16
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PSDB issued a statement Monday (23) stating that summarily expelled the acting mayor of Bariri (SP), Paulo Henrique party Araújo de Barros after his arrest on suspicion that he raped a girl 8 years in Bauru (SP), not a Saturday (21).

The mayor's lawyer, Humberto Pastrello, He said at the time the defense will not comment on the case. the note, the party also adds that "sympathizes with the victim's family and hopes that the case is cleared up and the guilty punished severely".

Paulo Henrique was elected councilor for the PSDB in the last elections 2016 and as mayor he took Bariri Prefecture in January 2017 after the candidates for mayor and vice most votes have the candidature revoked based on the Clean Record Law. New elections are scheduled for the day 3 of June.

After the special meeting this morning, it was decided that the current mayor, Vagner Matheus Ferreira (PSD) will assume the position of chief executive of Bariri.

Paulo Henrique had the remand ordered by the court after custody hearing held this Sunday (22). He was taken to the Penitentiary Iaras and leave for investigations.

As the mayor has special jurisdiction, the case will be forwarded to the Court of São Paulo, that will define if investigations continue with the Civil Police. in a statement, the city's press office reported that the executive and the legislature will only manifest after an opinion from the Electoral Court on the case.

Rape vulnerable
On Saturday morning, he was arrested at the scene after being located by military police in farms neighborhood in the east of Bauru (SP). In the same place a little earlier, the girl 8 years was found walking down the street by a couple of locals who took it home, neighborhood Jose Regino.

The child's family had already fired the police, because witnesses saw a man, in a black car, addressing the child and putting the car.

According to them, the girl had gone out to buy bread in bakery near the house where he lives and the suspect would have passed by a plainclothes policeman and said that a criminal was loose in the neighborhood to try to convince the girl into the car.

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