selection process in Itapiranga offers salaries ranging up to R $ 11 one thousand

Places are temporary, but cover different functions in health. Check out the opportunities disclosed by Semsa Itapiranga, not Amazonas.
26/04/2018 17h51 - Updated 27/04/2018 15h55
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The Itapiranga Prefecture opened simplified selection process for temporary hiring 75 professionals to the Municipal Health. Registration can be made from next Monday (30) and follow up 5 of May. Salaries for the squad vary R$ 1.050 up until R$ 11 one thousand.

The vacancies are for Community Agent (Z.Urbana Sems), Community Health Agent (FROM. rural Semsa), Endemic agents (Sems), Microcopista (Sems), Dental Assistant (Sems), Practical Nursing (Sems), Practical Nursing (Hospital), Technical in Clinical Analysis (Hospital), Nurse (Sems), Nurse (Hospital), Doctor (Sems), Doctor (Hospital), dentist (Sems), Social worker (Sems), Psychologist (Sems), Physiotherapist (Sems), Veterinarian (Sems), Pharmaceutical / biochemical / Biomedical (Hospital), Pharmaceutical (Sems).

Candidates can sign up for free through specific online form that can be found on the site Instituto Merkabah, or next link.

After filling the data in the registration form, it should be printed and delivered along with the envelope containing the documents supporting the basic requirements and titles.

Upon completion of the registration will be made upon delivery of envelopes with documents proving the basic requirements and titles. It should be made the day 07 of the May 11 of May 2018, Building in the City of Itapiranga, localizado na Off. Vargas n. 156, Center, in Time 08:00 h. at 12:00 h., e the 14:00 h. at 17:00 hours.

When completing the process of the Registration Form Selection Simplified, the candidate will be required to inform the office of your interest, and your code, provided that their training meets the basic requirements for the Notice.


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