Senators of the Amazon are among those who spend more with repayments

Eduardo Braga, Omar Aziz and Vanessa Grazziotin are at the top of the fastest ask for reimbursement from the Senate based on the quota for the parliamentary year.
21/04/2018 15h45 - Updated 23/04/2018 15h47
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invoices totaling R $ 30 thousand in jet travel in just one month. Lodging luxury flats on weekends. Meals that are well above the average price paid for a lunch in Brazil - with the account from R $ 1.000. These are some of the reimbursements requested by senators 2017. Spending on the parliamentary quota amount to R $ 26.633.775,04.

The champions senators in repayments on 2017 were, in order: Davi Alcolumbre (Dent-off), John Capiberibe (PSB-AP) e Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB-AM). Then immediately appear Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM), Romero Juca (MDB-RR) e Omar Aziz (PSD-AM). Annual spending of each varied from R $ 480.859,80 a R$ 512.645,05.

The three senators Amazon (state that has the highest limit) They are, therefore, at the top of the fastest refund request to the Senate on the basis of quota for the parliamentary year.

Each senator has a spending limit, determined in accordance with the state at which elected. Depending on the state, the maximum monthly amount for repayment exceeds R $ 44 Senator thousand. In the year, this amount can reach about R $ 500 one thousand. This is the annual limit for Amazon Senators, Amapá and Sergipe, for example.

They were presented 26.964 invoices related to expenses last year. The deadline for the launch of the application for reimbursement was 31 March this year. Expenses are made not only by Senators, but also crowded servers in their offices.

Data costs are available in the section transparency and open data, Senate website. The House does not say, however, using any technology to analyze and audit documents. Are, average, but of 2 thousand invoices per month.

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