Brazil and more 13 countries do not recognize the legitimacy of the re-election of Maduro

Venezuelan President since 2013, Nicolás was reelected in elections questioned by the opposition. Countries will convene ambassadors to give explanations.
21/05/2018 15h59 - Updated 21/05/2018 15h59
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Renata Giraldi – Agency Brazil

The Brazil and more 13 countries (Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guiana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Saint Lucia) comprising the Group of Lima, formed with the objective of seeking alternatives to the crisis in Venezuela, reported today (21) who do not recognize the legitimacy of the Venezuelan elections. No power from 2013, President Nicolas Maduro was re-elected with 67,7% of the votes for more 6 year term.

in protest, the governments of Brazil and other countries will summon the ambassadors of Venezuela in their respective nations to provide clarification. "The Group of Lima will continue to monitor the development of the situation in Venezuela, in order to adopt additional measures are necessary, individually or collectively, in favor of the restoration of the rule of law and democratic order in the country. "

In a statement of eight items, Group of Lima was adamant. “[The countries of the Group of Lima] They do not recognize the legitimacy of the electoral process that took place in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Finished in 20 last May, not comply with international standards of a democratic process, book, fair and transparent. "

The Group of Lima still says it is concerned about the consequences from the outcome of the elections in Venezuela. “[The countries of the Lima Group] They reiterate its concern about the deepening political crisis, economic, social and humanitarian deteriorated to life in Venezuela, which is reflected in the mass migration of Venezuelans who come to our country in difficult conditions, the loss of democratic institutions, the rule of law and lack of political freedoms and guarantees of citizens. "

The concern of the Lima Group will be brought to the Organization of American States (OAS) in search of a solution. The focus of attention, officials say, is the growing migration and the conditions of the Venezuelan population. The forecast is that the extraordinary meeting to take place in June, no Peru.

We last months, They reappeared in the region diseases such as measles, malaria and diphtheria. in a statement, the countries of the Lima Group recommends strengthening cooperation to meet the epidemiological emergency, purchase of medicines and hospital supplies.

They also intend to intensify and expand the exchange of financial intelligence information about the activities of individuals and Venezuelan companies that may be linked to acts of corruption, money laundering or other illegal conduct liable to prosecution to sanction criminal activities such, as freezing assets and application of financial restrictions.

"We request that the Financial Intelligence Units and the competent authorities in each country to issue and update guides, circulars or newsletters nationwide, to alert financial institutions to corruption in the Venezuelan public sector and the methods that the Venezuelan civil servants and their networks may be using to hide and transfer resources from acts of corruption. "

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