Truckers protest in 13 states against rising fuel prices

Until now, there is no record of demonstrations in Amazonas State. Minas Gerais and Bahia are the Brazilian states with the highest number of protests.
21/05/2018 15h45 - Updated 21/05/2018 16h52
Photo: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brazil

Pedro Peduzzi - Brazil Agency

Protests truckers against fuel price increase has resulted in bans on federal highways in at least 13 States. Minas Gerais and Bahia are the Brazilian states with the highest number of records. The demonstrations were announced on Friday (18) the Brazilian Association of Truckers (ABCam) and the National Confederation of Autonomous Transporters (CNTA). Until now, there is no record of demonstrations in Amazonas State.

In Minas Gerais, Resolutions as PRF, there is 13 bans caused by the protest of truck drivers on federal highways. Six of them in BR-040 (kms 511; 618; 628; 699; 780 e 808). There are also three points of the BR-381 (km 513; km 617; km 690). The other points are the interdiction km 504 BR-251 and km 368 e km 412 BR-262.

The PRF counts nine interdiction points in Bahia. Two of the BR-101 (kms 672 e 920); and two in BR-324 (km 530 e km 430). There are also two bans on US-407 (kms 131 e 230), e na BR-116 (km 338 e km 520); and the BR-242 (km 875).

Truckers interdicted four points in Goiás. Two of them in BR-050 (kms 97 e 279); ban one point in km 10 to BR-040, the height of Luziânia, and another in km 699 BR-153.

Parana is no record of demonstrations in BR-376 (km 257 e km 502); and two points of the BR-153 (km 43, Santo Antonio da Platina, e no km 112, in Ibaiti). According to local PRF, these points there, no maximum, one forbidden band. Already the national PRF points other three interdiction points in Paraná due to the protest by truckers: two of them in the BR-277 (km 6, height Paranagua; e km340, at the time of Guarapuava). Another ban was reported in BR 116 (km 67, height of Campina Grande do Sul). There is also a ban on progress since the weekend in km 441 BR-373. This, However, is due to protests made by natives of the region Candói.

The two bans recorded by the PRF in Mato Grosso, one was made by truck (km 392 BR-364). The second prohibition, no km 1243 the same road, It is made by indigenous. In Mato Grosso do Sul, no record of three bans due to protests (km 365 BR-267; km 324 e km 478 BR-163).

There is also a restricted point in Ceará (km 419 to BR-020, near Maracanau); two BR-101 points in the Holy Spirit, at km 204 e km 302.

Already in Rio Grande do Sul ban two points made by truck, na BR-101 (km 22, Three height waterfalls); e na BR-392 (km 350, in Santa Maria).

The Rio de Janeiro has three points interdiction on account of protests, no km 276 BR-116, km 255 da BR393 e km 61 to BR-040. There is another point of interdiction in Pernambuco, no km 83 the BR-101.

There is still a ban in the state of Pará (km 419 to BR-020) and one in Rio Grande do Norte (km 105 the BR-101).

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