vaccination campaign against influenza in Manaus continues until 8 of June

Thereafter, only the private clinics offer the dose costs, average, R$ 120.
23/05/2018 17h51 - Updated 23/05/2018 17h51
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The City Council warns that the vaccination campaign against influenza virus, In Manaus, It will be closed on 8 of June. Who has not been immunized should look for any of the 183 the public vaccine rooms to receive the free vaccine. Thereafter, only the private clinics offer the dose costs, average, R$ 120.

This year, because of the actions to contain the measles breakthrough in city, the timing of influenza vaccination in the Amazon capital was differentiated, having started the day 12 of May.

"It is very important that people who are part of the segments that make up the target audience of this campaign are vaccinated. Vaccination is one of the most effective measures for the prevention of influenza and its severe complications that can, inclusive, lead to death. And following the determination of the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, we are appealing to parents who take children, as well as to all people, do not stop taking the vaccine ", highlights the municipal secretary of Health, Marcelo Magaldi.

The annual dose is needed every year because this flu may present differently, as well as the infection can affect several people forms. The transmission of influenza virus occurs through contact with respiratory secretions eliminated by the infected person to speak, cough or sneeze (direct broadcast) or through hands or contaminated objects (indirect transmission), when in contact with mucous (boca, eyes, nose).

Target Audience
The campaign is aimed at individuals 60 years or older, health workers, Indian people (villagers and assisted by the Special Secretariat of Indigenous Health), children aged six months to less than five years old (four years, 11 months and 29 days), pregnant women, mothers (up until 45 days postpartum), carrying groups of chronic diseases and other special medical conditions, adolescents and youth 12 a 21 years fulfilling educational measures, Prisoners, penitentiary staff and teachers from public and private schools.

Holders of chronic diseases and other special medical conditions should submit the medical report, recipe, card-health programs, prescription or other document attesting to their medical condition to receive the immunobiological, as, teachers also need to present documents (badge, paychecks or other document) proving the profession.

Who was vaccinated against measles recently can receive the dose against influenza. Even children who are not with the record of MMR updated, receive the immunobiological simultaneously.

The schedule of vaccination priority group unable to locomotion happen by phone 0800-280-8280 until the day 30 of May. The bedridden of vaccination service will take place in the period 4 a 8 of June.

Since the campaign began in Manaus, less than two weeks, They have been applied 184.074 doses of vaccine, or equivalent 43,87% the target audience. The addresses of the vaccine rooms can be found in the link

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