Captain Alberto Neto uses biblical reference to justify thief's death

The PM read the Bible passage which he means clear who kills robber.
16/05/2018 17h01 - Updated 17/05/2018 16h27
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The captain of the Amazon Military Police, Alberto Neto, published in their social networks a video which uses biblical reference to morally justify PM mother's case shot dead a robber in front of the school daughter.

The case involving the PM cable (Military police) Katia da Silva Sastre, 42, and the man identified as Elivelton Neves Moreira, 21, It occurred on Saturday (12), in particular college entrance Master Ferreira, in Suzano (Big Sao Paulo). Parents with children waiting for the start of the festivities for Mother's Day. The PM was the daughter of 7 years.

The woman is being chased by some media for acting impulsively and video Alberto Neto uses legal and moral support to justify the case.

Biblical passage used by the captain is in the book of Exodus 22:2 That say: “If a thief be found breaking, and are injured, and die, what struck him shall be no blood“.

see video:

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