Couple enters the court to compel the son of 30 years to leave home

According to them, the boy did not help with the costs of the house or with household chores.
24/05/2018 16h01 - Updated 24/05/2018 16h01
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The parents of a man 30 years decided to appeal to the child to leave the house: they sued.

According to them, Michal Rotondo did not help with the costs of the house or with household chores and have ignored financial help from parents to live elsewhere.

According to the BBC, Christina and Mark Rotondo said Michael returned to live with them for eight years, after being unemployed. currently, he runs a website and refused to leave even after receiving several family eviction letters.

Michael argued that he had not received sufficient notice, claiming that a period of six months would be a more reasonable time for him to prepare his move.

The couple entered, So, with action in the Supreme Court of Onondaga County. The parents' lawyer told site that your customers have found another way to force the child to move.

In one of the messages sent before entering the process, the couple offered R $ 1,1 one thousand (about R $ 4 one thousand) so he left the house. "There are jobs available for those with a poor employment history as its. Get one - you need to work ", they said.

In April, after some attempts, the Rotondo gave up trying alone and appealed to Justice. As Michael was his relative, they heard that they would have to resort to the Supreme Court to get it removed from home.

According to the station WABC News, Michael considered the lawsuit filed by his parents as a "retaliation" and asked the Court to reject his application, but the case was tried and the couple emerged victorious. Michael said the decision is "revolting" and will file an appeal.

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