Consumers can report abusive increase in fuel

To make the complaint is required coupon tax, recommends Procon.
24/05/2018 14h37 - Updated 25/05/2018 15h46
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Agency Brazil

The Procon-SP said on Thursday (24) the consumer to catch fuel stations adopting new prices due to the strike of truck drivers may report to the entity. According to the body, the complaint must be made exclusively on the internet at Procon the site and is essential in the complaint attached image or coupon tax, in his absence, as much information about the property (name / flag), Address, date of purchase and prices charged, if possible with photos.

A strike by truck drivers, entering today on the fourth day, It has caused a run on gas stations in some cities. The drivers fear that there is shortage. There are stations closed records because stocks are already zeroed.

Today, Petrobras announced the third consecutive reduction in gasoline prices. Starting tomorrow, liter of fuel will cost R $ 2,016 the refineries of state, down 0,72% compared to the current price (R$ 2,0306). In three days, the price of gasoline is down 3,39%. nevertheless, the fuel is up 12,14% in May.

The Procon advises that the increase in prices is considered abuse, provided for in the Consumer Protection Code (section IV, of Abusive Practices, art. 39 inciso X) which deals with the products and services prices rise without cause.

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