Students and teachers are benefited with revalidation of foreign diplomas

The revalidation of diplomas has been fulfilled by the State Departments of Education and capital Manaus.
17/05/2018 14h09 - Updated 17/05/2018 16h27
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Students and teachers who obtained master's degree or doctorate in the Mercosur countries and Portugal have already been benefited with the revalidation of diplomas in Amazonas institutions. As it is authorized by law enacted No. 245/2015, authored by State Representative Joshua Neto (PSD).

One of the beneficiaries of the legislation is Professor Alexandre Romano, that made Master of Education in Uruguay, pela Business University (2010), and currently teaches at the Municipal Department of Education and Culture of Manaus (semed).

"I obtained my degree in Uruguay and then I was admitted here in the revalidation of the approval of this law deputy Joshua", said. "This makes it much easier for those who already have a diploma because We pay the travel expenses for the diploma abroad. Who is gazetted it helps in progression, improves the salary, and encourages teachers to improve their qualifications ", said Professor.

With the law enacted, the stricto sensu postgraduate diplomas to fully face courses are now allowed to grant functional progression by titration, gratification by titration and granting legal benefits of obtaining the respective titration.

According to the Ministry of Education, the strict sense postgraduate programs include master's and doctoral candidates open to graduates in undergraduate courses that meet the requirements of educational institutions and student selection notice (Art. 44, III, No law 9.394/1996).

The law enacted authored by Joshua Neto states that the public procurement tenders for selection of teachers and researchers can not make demands that are contrary to provisions of the law.

Mercosur means the Southern Common Market, which is the Customs Union (free zone trade and common commercial policy) between Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. There is, still, the associated countries: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The diplomas obtained in these countries may be revalidated here at Amazon.

The revalidation of diplomas has been fulfilled by the State Departments of Education and capital Manaus.

According to Araújo teacher Liene, Manager framing sector Seduc, the revalidation process done by the state board is a little slower than done by the municipal, but it has occurred. some revalidations, inclusive, They are among the 3.500 vertical teachers and pedagogues of promotions Seduc awarded on the last day 6 of April, as stated in the Official State Gazette published on the same date.

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