Truckers' strike may force shutdown of bus in Manaus

Due to lack of fuel for the collective of the bus fleet can paralyze totally from Saturday (26).
24/05/2018 17h41 - Updated 25/05/2018 15h46
Photo: Press Release / CMM

The Union of Amazon Passenger Transport Companies (Sinetram) released on Thursday (24) what, If the strike of truckers continues, the fleet of buses can operate partially on Friday (25) and paralyze totally from Saturday (26), due to lack of fuel for the collective.

Due to the act performed in several Brazilian capitals, companies of public transport in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte are already making rotation in the bus lines to not let users without transport.

In addition to public transport, shortages of gasoline and diesel can also affect the city posts, it only has enough fuel for the next two days, according to the president of the president of the State Union of Retail Fuel Trade, Petroleum derivatives, alcohols, lubricants, Vehicular natural gas, Biofuels and the State of Amazonas Convenience Stores (Sindicombustíveis-AM), Luiz Felipe Pinto.

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