Road of the strike is barred by the Labor Court

A paralisação estava marcara para acontecer nesta quarta-feira (23).
21/05/2018 16h52 - Updated 22/05/2018 16h30
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The road from Manaus were prevented from deflagrem general strike marked by category for Wednesday (23), the President of the Regional Labor Court of the 11th Region, Eleonora de Souza Saunier, which alleged lack of "legal basis’ for the occurrence of the stoppage. The decision, taken after ingressada action by the Union of Amazon Passenger Transport Companies (Sinetram).

If disobey the decision of TRT category must pay a daily fine of R $ 50 one thousand. In the decision to prohibit the strike, the magistrate further stated that the road had not a “plan for the maintenance of services to meet community needs urgent”.

The President of the Road 'union, Josenildo Silva, He said it will appeal the decision. The category shows dissatisfaction with the index 3,5% granted and therefore planned to strike.

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