Jose Melo can lose special pension he receives be former governor

State Prosecutor's Office instituted investigation into the legality of the grant of an annuity the former governor.
15/05/2018 15h40 - Updated 16/05/2018 16h34
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The Amazonas State Prosecutor (MP / AM) initiated investigation into the legality of the grant of an annuity the former governor Jose Melo of R $ 12,5 one thousand, just for being head of the state executive. Melo was stuck for over one hundred days on suspicion of benefit from a scheme that would have diverted over R $ 110 million from government coffers and impeached by buying votes with public money.

The Secretary of State of Amazonas Administration (Sead), which manages the government payroll, It reported that the payment to Melo is done in compliance with state law and cited that Article 278 the Amazonas State Constitution grants the former governor revoked the pension because it guarantees the benefit to all who take in a "permanent" office.

However responsible for research and promoter of Justice Wandete de Oliveira Netto, holder of the 79th Prosecutor's Office Specializing in the Public Property Protection (PRODEPPP), It states that this article provided special retirement the former governors, but it was repealed in 2011, three years before Melo assume the post of governor of the state.

The benefit was granted to Jose Melo 2017 through an administrative process with the technical endorsement of the Amazonas State Attorney General (Intoxicated-general).

The pension for former governors has been discussed in the Supreme Court (STF), but eventually filed without resolution of merit. In April 2014, Minister Gilmar Mendes considered the direct action of unconstitutionality (ADI) impaired because, In this ocasion, there was a device revocation of the Amazon Constitution that was being questioned.

The Wandete de Oliveira promoter understood that the legal provision should be declared invalid.

at the gate, she determines to be asked of the Amazonas State Legislature (OF-AM) the former governor also receives retirement for exercising term as state representative of 2003 a 2007. It also requested information from the National Congress on the right to special retirement corresponding to the period of 1995 a 2003 when Melo was Congressman.

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