Manacapuru should divide Health costs with neighboring municipalities, concludes Public Hearing

overloaded, Hospital Lázaro Reis serves over 260 thousand residents of Manacapuru and seven surrounding municipalities.
23/05/2018 15h02 - Updated 24/05/2018 15h56
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The public health of Manacapuru (a 68 km to capital) You need to share the financial responsibilities for your hospital with the municipalities of neighboring municipalities to mitigate the effects of the overload of patients. The proposal was discussed on Tuesday (22), during Public Hearing organized in the city with the presence of the chairman of the Health Amazon Legislature (hazard), State Deputy Ricardo Nicolau (PSD).

The discussions also involved the renovation works of the Hospital Lazarus Kings and the project of building a new hospital.

Considered polo in the state, Hospital Lázaro Reis serves the residents of Manacapuru and at least seven municipalities around, as Iranduba, Manaquiri and Novo Airão, totaling over 260 thousand. The parliamentarians discussed the possibility of financial participation of neighboring municipalities as a new unit management model, that is overloaded and work in precarious conditions.

According to Alderman Robson Nogueira (PPL), maintenance costs Hospital Lazarus Kings reach R $ 1,3 million monthly, currently funded only by the city and federal resources. As the municipality has full management of Health, the state government does not contribute to regular transfers, by limiting the supply of medicines and hospital supplies, as well as assign employees hired by Susam.

Reform and new hospital
The public hearing also dealt with the works at the Hospital Lazarus Kings and the deadlock in the construction of a new hospital. In February this year, the city of Manacapuru and the state government signed an agreement of R $ 8,3 million to renovate and expand the unit. parallel, the promise of a new hospital 100 beds funded by a parliamentary amendment R $ 15 millions, presented in 2011 by Congressman Atila Lins (PP).

According to the executive secretary of the interior of Susam, Fabiana Pereira, the renovation and expansion of the Hospital Lázaro Reis was the alternative adopted by Susam to improve the situation of health in the short term municipality. The secretary did not rule out the construction of a new hospital, but it reported that the original design was rejected by the Federal Savings Bank (CEF) and Susam had to apply for the period of addition of the parliamentary amendment, would win in March.

"The original design, not even provided a UTI, He had to undergo adjustments that increased the budget of R $ 15 million to R $ 28 millions", the secretary said. "Therefore, preferred to prioritize the reform of the existing hospital with an agreement of R $ 8,3 million that it is already signed and part of the resource already account. The Susam is working concurrently in the reform and the issue of the amendment. "

The renovation work of Kings Hospital Lazarus should start in 45 days, as estimated Secretary of Manacapuru Works, Paul Onety. The forecast is that the bidding process is already released next week. The jobs, with a term of seven months to complete, They include the construction of an exclusive area of ​​emergency care, surgery Center, maternity readjustment and reform of other environments.

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