Minister says military will act so 'energetic’ to clear roads

Paralisação chegou ao 5º dia nesta sexta-feira.
25/05/2018 16h02 - Updated 25/05/2018 16h02
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Ministry of Defense, Joaquim Silva and Luna, He said on Friday (25) that the Armed Forces will act so “fast” e “energetic” to clear roads blocked by truckers across the country.

Silva and Luna made the statement after meeting with army commanders, Navy and Air Force to define the role of the military.

Early, on Friday, President Michel Temer said in a speech at the Presidential Palace that was triggered federal troops to clear roads where there are blockages.

After Silva and Luna interview, the Ministry of Defense issued a statement in which he reported as the Armed Forces will act:

fuel distribution at critical points;
Escorting convoys;
Protection of critical infrastructure;
the process of clearance and access to refineries, fuel distribution bases and key areas.

Proposed agreement
After a meeting of more than seven hours at the Presidential Palace, Thursday (25), government and representatives of truckers announced a proposed agreement to suspend the strike by category 15 days.

Since the beginning of the week truckers across the country have made protests on the roads against the increase in the price of diesel.

With the stoppage, stations have run out of petrol, many products are not coming to supermarkets and lack kerosene at airports, for example.

At the meeting of Thursday, the government proposed, among others, keep reducing 10% diesel in refinery and increasing the price of fuel least every 30 days.

this operation, according to the Ministry of Finance, Union will cost R $ 4,9 billion by the end of this year. The value should be passed on to Petrobras as compensation.

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