Not to turn office in committee, Arthur Neto says only speak on state succession in July

Segundo o prefeito ele só vai falar sobre sucessão ao governo do Amazonas ao longo do mês de julho, near the caucuses.
15/05/2018 15h14 - Updated 16/05/2018 16h34
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, he said, in this Monday (14), that will only talk about succession to the government of Amazonas during the month of July, near the caucuses, in order to "not lose, no time, the government bob ". "Until then, I will not speak anything, any word. I'm sure all the candidates and pre-candidates will respect me, not speak anything to me nor I will speak nothing with them. We'll talk at the right moment, because otherwise I do not government, but I lose the government bob ", he emphasized, during the launch of the 3rd phase of the Civil Servants Housing Program, in the auditorium of the Military, compensates.

on the occasion, the mayor assured that the decision was taken not to turn his office into a political committee. "Election is important, is the basis of democracy. We have to make the party election, with a lot of joy, but at the right time, which is not now ", he stressed, complementing that by conventions will announce his choice for government succession.

second Arthur, now is the time to play important projects of his government to the city of Manaus. "We have now launched the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), Smart City program, we have to prioritize anything more than this ", said.

Speaking to reporters, Arthur also said that on the national contest, in Manaus receive all pre-candidate for president who seek. "I will always receive in line to collect their commitments to Manaus, the Amazon and the North Brazil. Only that, no development ", finished.

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