Pre-candidates may receive donations from 'virtual kitty’ from this Tuesday (15)

New in this year's elections, the collective funding - or 'crowdfunding' - will be done by qualified companies and donors have, beneficiaries and values ​​published on the Internet.
15/05/2018 16h05 - Updated 16/05/2018 16h33

The individuals from donating money to presidential candidates in the election this year through the modality “crowdfunding” It will be released from this Tuesday (15).

The "crowdfunding" is the name given to the collective funding raised through the internet, also dubbed "virtual kitty".

The news was legalized last year, the electoral minirreforma passed by Congress and emerged in the wake of the ban, in 2015, of corporate donations to politicians.

The goal is not only financially supply the campaigns, but to promote greater participation and engagement of voters in the campaign.

This type of donation is only possible through companies / sites authorized by the Superior Electoral Court.

Until last Friday, there were 20 companies able to mediate and other contributions 19 in registration process. See the complete list on the TSE website (clicking on the tab “entity's license request”).

Use of money
The "virtual kitties" start today, but applicants will only be able to use the resources from 15 of August, with the official start of the election period. And if they cease between now and 15 of August? They will have to return, penny by penny.

And there are spending limits. The electoral law, Presidential candidates can reach $ 105 million in the first round, more 50% if they reach the second. For deputies, R$ 2,5 millions. Elections are very expensive, but they are not only "their". Are we all. Mr., Lady and you too.

In Manaus to "help" the political parties and does not have the unanimous acceptance of financial support. there are acronyms, as the PSB and PSDB, for example, who oppose this type of collection, because they believe that the bureaucracy to administer the tool end having a higher cost than the collected. Already parties like PT, PCdoB, PRB PSC and do not give up the resource capture in the certainty that it is a legal and transparent instrument.

And PAGE, pre-candidate for the presidency, Jair Bolsonaro banned all his supporters asking values ​​in your name until a final position is taken on the collective funding. Also awaiting decisions of the national executive, o PHS, PMN, PP, MDB and local PRTB.

To regulate this method of collection to political campaigns, the TSE established numerous rules for automating crowdfunding operators, how to register with the electoral court and adapt to the rules of transparency characteristics of elections, keeping updated list of donors and values, individualized per candidate.

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