Mayor approves construction of new planned neighborhood in Manaus

The new venture will have an area of ​​more than 769 thousand square meters, which includes the Plateau neighborhoods, Lily of the Valley and Tarumã.
19/05/2018 14h30 - Updated 21/05/2018 16h40
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, He signed on the afternoon of Friday, 18/5, the approval of the allotment Park Mosaic, a new planned neighborhood of major proportions between the West and Midwest areas. It is estimated that the entire deployment process lasts, approximately, 15 years. The new venture will have an area of ​​more than 769 thousand square meters, which includes the Plateau neighborhoods, Lily of the Valley and Tarumã, with projected population 15.694 habitants.

"It's an ambitious project, working a social perspective and happiness, coming soon, They appear to education and health equipment. The company will provide a counterpart of R $ 1,5 million to infrastructure interventions in the work surroundings, minimizing the effects of a building of this size. Besides that, MRV will also participate in the construction Housing Program Municipal Server ", He assured the mayor.

will be 13 community facilities in prime locations, intended to build schools, childcare and health facilities, for example, in an area of 127 thousand square meters, Besides 11 green areas. The project also includes the construction of 15 new avenues for entrepreneur, including tracks intended for bike paths, Local roads and alleys six, making the integration of architecture to the generous public spaces of the squares, streets and alleys of the project.

The whole procedure of approval was taken by the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb), being the project submitted for examination and approval of land in installments, in the form blending, according to Complementary Law 004/2014.

"We analyzed the process with great care, especially watching public spaces for the city of Manaus. We have almost 127 thousand square meters, divided in 13 areas, where we will deploy community facilities. Besides that, will be 15 more routes and 11 green areas to better living of the residents ", said the CEO of Implurb, Engineer Claudio Guenka.

Mosaic Park provides for the implementation of 40 blocks of private lots, with more forecast 5 thousand mixed units - commercial and residential use. the courts, They may run commercial projects, services and residential, with diverse use and urban design quality and promoting local security, due to the presence of people in public spaces.

All green areas are close to Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs), that will be accessed only by alleys, ensuring the preservation and storage of such. It is an enterprise that meets all occupancy parameters determined by the Master Plan.

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