Mayor Arthur announces renovation and expansion of zoonoses Manaus center

According to the toucan, the indication of the reform meets an important demand of the population, who cares and wants the good of animals.
15/05/2018 17h00 - Updated 15/05/2018 17h01
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The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, upheld late on Monday, 14/5, Alderman indication Raulzinho, subscribed by councilor Teacher fransua, which demands the complete renovation and expansion of Zoonosis Control Center of Manaus (CCZ).

According to the mayor, the indication of the reform meets an important demand of the population, who cares and wants the good of animals. He also pointed out that the councilors had meetings with the Municipal Secretary of Health, Marcelo Magaldi, for making a document with "mature content and of enormous relevance".

"Go out a comprehensive reform, and this is a demand that I make in relation to the Zoonosis Center. This is true respect, not that political, is sincere respect for animals. We are also about to enter into a partnership with the Federal Institute of Amazonas (Ifam), that has a structure to provide medical care to the animals ", said the mayor.

The applicant of the indication, councilman Raulzinho, He was pleased with the decision of the mayor and recalled that Arthur assured that the bidding procedures will begin promptly to begin the reform of the CCZ. "We decided to make the statement of reform and, After many negotiations with the health secretary, we can not only reform, but to the expansion of the CCZ to better serve the people who need to take their animals to such care ", said the alert.

Councilman Teacher fransua praised the mayor's attitude to promptly meet the people's aspirations regarding the reform of the Center. "We presented a proposal of animal involved and the mayor nodded, showing the indication is favorable. This is a gain for the city of Manaus ", He stressed.

The Secretary of Semsa, Marcelo Magaldi, He explained that once authorized by the mayor, begins the bidding process for reform. "In addition to reforming the CCZ, we will also reform our mobile neutering units. Manaus has a high number of castrations, so the need for reform to constantly improve the service ", he explained Magaldi.

The CCZ has significant numbers of castrations in comparison to other capital. Only in the year 2017 They were recorded 9 thousand castrated.

Mayor Arthur highlighted, still, that the council requested an inspection in veterinary clinics, and that Semsa already is organized to perform a series of visits in these spaces throughout the city.

"We want to vouch for hygiene, the actual conditions of vaccines and check all settlement documents with the agencies responsible to leave everything in order ", Arthur emphasized.

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