Manaus Prefecture able to receive federal funds to renewal of the pension certificate

With the certificate, a Prefeitura de Manaus mantém sua adimplência junto ao Serviço Auxiliar de Informações.
19/05/2018 14h47 - Updated 19/05/2018 15h29
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The city of Manaus assured on Friday, 18/5, the renewal of the Social Security Regularity Certificate (CRP), issued by the Department of Welfare (SPrev), with a novelty: the first time in 10 year requirement document, analysis and regularity of the agency's management, by the Federal Government, happened over 30 days before the deadline of the validity of certification in force.

"Our security is one of the best organized in the country and our management values ​​the financial balance and for that excellence in fundraising. Manaus is a city in full development and is reaching its administrative maturity. This is the result of work that started way back, reducing costs and the reorganization of our budget ", said the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto.

With the certificate, Manaus Prefecture maintains its timely payment by the Auxiliary Service Information Transfer Voluntary (bailer), service that demonstrates compliance with tax requirements for the voluntary transfer of federal funds.

"We are managing this renovation since 2013, always with the administrative CRP, that is, without the need for lawsuits to keep us in default ", says the CEO of Manaus Security, Silvino Vieira, referring to the Judicial CRP, feature that many Regimes of Social Security (RPPS) recourse to ensure the renewal of the certificate, although it does not meet the parameters laid down in legislation.

"We serve all prerequisites far in advance. E, on the site SPrev, The pension extract already pointed regularity of 35 required items for over 30 days", says Silvino. "We were just waiting for the expiry of validity of the current CRP to confirm the new certificate, in force until the next November ", celebrates.

The requirements range from the access of the insured to the regime of information to the financial investments in accordance with Resolution of the National Monetary Council.

Across the Amazon, only 26 of 62 municipalities have RPPS, according to a recent survey in the country, made by SPrev. these 26, only six have administrative CRP. No Brasil, of 5.598 federative (including the Union, the states, the Federal District and the 5.575 counties), only 2.109 Regimes have Social Security registered in the Secretariat of Security.

Confirmed the settlement with the SPrev, Manaus Security accredits all organs that make up the organizational structure of Manaus City Hall to continue receiving voluntary transfers (resources) by the Federal Government. They are also entitled to enter into agreements, contracts, agreements or adjustments and, in the case of Manaus Security, to receive payment of amounts due from the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

"They are important resources for implementing the essential services of the city and are only transferred if the municipality is in compliance with the Cauc", reinforces Vieira.

currently, Manaus Welfare is responsible for ensuring the payment of pensions and pension 6.781 insured, both City Hall and the Town Hall. The CRP renewed on Friday is valid until 17 November 2018, when the Manaus Security will undergo another evaluation SPrev and will have to prove their continued good governance in the period.

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