Restriction privileged center strip least Supreme by processes 44 Members and 7 senators

Until this Sunday (13), 66 processes these legislators had been sent to lower courts. No last day 3, STF decided that only judge allegations of crimes committed in office.
15/05/2018 16h44 - Updated 15/05/2018 16h44
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The restriction on the privileged forum of retired Supreme Court (STF) processes at least 44 deputies and 7 senators.

Until this Sunday (13), seven ministers of the Supreme Court had sent to the lower courts of justice 66 criminal cases, in their understanding, They have no relation to the parliamentary mandate.

Other processes should be sent in the coming days, since the ministers are still analyzing the cases that do not meet the requirements to stay more in court.

No last day 3 of May, Supreme decided that, in relation to MPs and senators, the forum only applies to crimes committed during the mandate and because of their rank.

Between the 66 processes, there are cases of criminal proceedings in progress (the Supreme Court decided to stay only with those in advanced stage), surveys and survey opening order. It will be judges the first and second instances, depend on each case, to ongoing criminal investigations or actions.

Congressmen and senators
Congressman Roberto Goés (Fdt-off) had six criminal cases sent to lower courts – the cases were in the offices of ministers Alexandre de Morais, Dias Toffoli, Marco Aurélio Mello and Celso de Mello. Deputy Andres Sanchez (PT-SP) had four surveys sent, and Congressman Alfredo Kaefer (PP-PR), three surveys.

Other processes should be sent in the coming days, since the ministers are still analyzing the cases that no longer meet the requirements to remain in court.

See parliamentarians who have had cases sent to lower courts and the number of cases of each:

Cidinho Santos (PR-MT) – 2
Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE) – 2
Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG) – 1
Dario Bergher (MDB-SC) – 1
Ivo Cassol (PP-RO) – 1
Jáder Barbalho (MDB-PA) – 1
Zeze Perella (MDB-MG) – 1

Roberto Goes (Fdt-off) – 6
Andres Sanchez (PT-SP) – 4
Alfredo Kaefer (PP-PR) – 3
Eli Correa Filho (DEM-SP) – 2
Erika Kokay (PT-DF) – 2
Marcos Reategui (Fshd-off) – 2
Rogério Marinho (PSDB-RN) – 2
Alberto Fraga (DEM-DF) – 1
Alceu Moreira (MDB-RS) – 1
Benito Gama (PTB-BA) – 1
Betinho Gomes (PSDB-PE) – 1
Beto Mansur (PRB-SP) – 1
Caca Lion (PP-BA) – 1
Carlos Bezerra (MDB-MT) – 1
Carlos Henrique Gaguim (DEM-TO) – 1
Cesar Halum (PRB-TO) – 1
Cicero Almeida (PHS-AL) – 1
Eder Mauro (SD-PA) – 1
Ezequiel Fonseca (PP-MT) – 1
Helder Solomon (PT-ES) – 1
Heraclitus Fortes (DEM-PI) – 1
Hidekazu Takayama (PSC-PR) – 1
Jozi Araújo (CAN-AP) – 1
Júlio Lopes (PP-RJ) – 1
Luis Nishimori (PR PR) – 1
Louis Tibe (Forward-MG) – 1
Marco Tebaldi (PSDB-SC) – 1
Marcus Vicente (PP-ES) – 1
Mauritius Quintella Lessa (PR-AL) – 1
Pedro Paulo (DEM-RJ) – 1
Rejane Days (PT-PI) – 1
Ricardo Teobaldo (FLOORING IN) – 1
Ronaldo Lessa (PDT-AL) – 1
Roney Nemer (PP-DF) – 1
Sergio Petecão (PSD-AC) – 1
Sérgio Vidigal (PDT-ES) – 1
Sheridan (PSDB-RR) – 1
Warrant Officer Gonzaga (PDT-MG) – 1
Tiririca (PR-SP) – 1
Valdir Rossoni (PSDB-PR) – 1
Vander Loubet (PT-MS) – 1
Victor Mendes (MDB-MA) – 1
Wladimir Costa (SD-PA) – 1
Zeca Cavalcanti (PTB-PE) – 1

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