TJAM and Manaus City Hall will do 200 reconciliations of property tax, ISS, Permits and fines

Evento que vai dar oportunidade ao cidadão regularizar débitos acontece nesta segunda (28) and Tuesday (29) no prédio do Cejusc, no Center.
26/05/2018 15h00 - Updated 28/05/2018 16h09
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The Amazon Court (TJAM) and Manaus Prefecture will promote on Monday (28) and Tuesday (29) 200 conciliation hearings in which citizens have the opportunity to settle debts related to property tax Territorial Urbano (Iptu), permits, Tax over services (ISS) and fines of municipal bodies for various offenses, before these actions are forwarded to Justice.

The hearings will take place in campaign for regime on Judicial Center of Conflict and Citizenship Solution (Cejusc) Public Finance Municipal, next to the building of "Semef Meets", located on the avenue Japurá, 496, Manaus center, Sul.

At these hearings the taxpayer will have reduction in legal fees 5% and installment debt can be made within 60 times, as the prosecutor's chief Enables the Municipality Debt, Tracey Resende. The structure of Cejusc the Municipal Treasury is prepared to meet, starting work at 8 am and ending at 18h, and also has bank branch, where citizens can close the deal and make the payment in the same place. The reconciliation will be intermediated by the Municipality of servers, with the coordination of three prosecutors of the Active Debt County Attorney General (PGM), Coordinator Judge Cejusc, two secretaries of PGM and TJAM and ten conciliators. On Monday the hearings of actions based involving Legal Entities will be held. On Tuesday, day 29, It will be the turn of Individuals.

"The benefits for citizens are debt settlement with the City, avoiding negativity name, besides the reduction of legal fees and a greater margin of installment. For the Municipality, the great benefit is immediate fundraising. And for the Judiciary, if they are resolved through agreement, the shares will be canceled under the extrajudicial, preventing demand filing with reflection in the congestion charge of procedural acquis Court of Justice ", He said Jorsenildo Golden judge Birth, coordinator Cejusc Public Finance Municipal.

Second or magistrate, there is an upper acquis 812 thousand shares of tax foreclosures awaiting filing in the County Attorney's Office. These executions amount to approximately R $ 1,2 billion. Before the existence of Cejusc the Municipal Treasury - opened in December 2017 by the President of TJAM, Judge Flavio Pascarelli -, these actions, most property tax debt, followed directly to the Active Debt of the City Court. "With Cejusc of the Treasury, we will make these actions are submitted, initially, a tentative agreement, which will bring benefits to the taxpayer, for the city and also to the Judiciary ", said the magistrate.

The judge Scott Hamilton, President of the Mediation and Conciliation System of TJAM, He recalled that the body is a result of partnership with the Municipality of Manaus and an unprecedented project in the North. "With this initiative, we are consolidating a new relationship between the taxpayer, the city of Manaus and the judiciary, seeking reconciliation. It is a pioneering project in the North and on the principle of social problems desjudicialização, following the institutional policy of the Movement for Reconciliation of the National Justice Council (CNJ)”, he emphasized.

The judge Gildo Alves de Carvalho, Permanent engineer of Consensus Core Conflict Resolution Methods (Nupemec) the TJAM and creator of the project, He highlighted the importance of this work for the culture of reconciliation. "It's a way of consolidating this public policy dispute resolution, order to relieve the pressure on the judiciary and providing opportunities for the company and institutions a simplified way, less traumatic and aims eventually their demands without the need for legalization ", commented.

The chief prosecutor of the Municipality Active Debt, Tracey da Silva Resende, stressed that, regardless if there is a lawsuit in progress, the taxpayer can seek Cejusc the Municipal Treasury to try to regularize. The prosecutor recalled that before an action is filed, is the administrative collection and the taxpayer may suffer some losses.

"It may turn out to be enrolled among the debts and have protested this title, causing discomfort to the taxpayer. The Cejusc comes that sense of trying to resolve issues with municipal tax authorities more quickly and by agreement ", He stressed.

"By paying your tax and remedy its pending with the Municipality, the taxpayer will be named 'clean', will get his clearance certificate issued debts, You do not need to waste time with a lawsuit and will not suffer from a possible attachment via BacenJud, vehicle or residence - in the case of property tax. The municipality and citizens win because the City will receive a credit due to you and that is very important for the necessary investments in the city ".

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