With the help of her boyfriend, mother tortures and kills the son of 10 years because he said 'like boys'

Both, inclusive, They had been reported for child abuse.
30/06/2018 17h40 - Updated 2/07/2018 15h52
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More a case of horrendous homophobia shocked the US population. this time, the Los Angeles police are investigating the death of a boy 10 years would have been tortured and then murdered by her own mother after saying that "like children".

Last week, the Police Department of the city would have attended to an emergency call at the home of Heather Barron. To get there, the woman claimed that her son, Anthony Avalos, He had suffered injury to take a fall.

According to the authorities, the child had injuries and cigarette marks on the body, the torture sessions indicators to which it was submitted.

The boy came to be rescued, but succumbed to his injuries. Suspects in the crime are, in addition to the victim's mother, her boyfriend, Kareem Leiva.

Both, inclusive, They had already been denounced by child abuse in at least 16 occasions since 2013. Of this total, 13 complaints had as a victim Anthony. The others were practiced in other children of the couple.

The director of the Service Department for Children and Families of American City, Brandon Nichols said the child had said that "liked boys"Weeks before dying. Researchers analyze the homophobia was a determining factor for crime.

Also according to the authorities data, in 2013 the child had been sexually abused by one of his grandfathers. abuses, However, They were common in the life of Anthony and his brothers, as revealed to the Brandon site LGBT Nation.

Nichols also says that the couple denied food to children, the beat, I hung them on a ladder upside down, forced children to fight each other, as well as forcing them to eat garbage.

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