During worship expel faithful pastor of the Assembly of God screaming; see video

The Salathiel Fidelis pastor refused to leave the church, even under protest.
13/06/2018 16h51 - Updated 13/06/2018 16h51

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The Assembly of God church in Valadares, Minas Gerais Governor, lives an endless drama. For over two years the members has been trying, unsuccessfully, cause the senior pastor Salathiel Fidelis be deposed from the office he holds.

The case has been in court several times to stop, demonstrations have happened, and yet, the pastor refuses to resign, literally grabbing the pulpit of the church and assaulting anyone who tries to take it from the altar.

Not last Sunday (10), the cult was replaced by a new manifestation, where members carried banners and placards with slogans, asking the express waiver of the post Salathiel. Beside few who support their stay, the already old pastor tries to stay in power at all costs, contrary to the status of the church and violating basic rules of coexistence.

The following video shows the size of the revolt of the faithful, who did not tolerate more be led by Pastor Fidelis Salathiel and his family, watch:

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