Amazonino government turns' patchwork’ divided among relatives, friends and political allies

The administration's chief reflects political groups and partisan interests.
13/06/2018 15h58 - Updated 14/06/2018 17h11
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The administration of the governor (PDT) turned into everything he said he would not be sworn in when the secretaries and members of the first echelon, "a patchwork", that would reflect political groups and partisan interests. Relatives, friends and political allies won their proper pieces.

"I want to make it clear that my government is not patchwork, It does not reflect political groups and partisan interests. My government reflects solely the will to do good administration. None of those named herein servers was nominated by political pressure. I understand that this addiction must be eradicated definitively the national political process, "said Governor months ago.

completely demoralizing the speech itself Amazonino named after the nephew, Tiago Machado Nogueira Content, and sister, Iolane Machado da Silva, Party vice president to which he belongs, PDT, Stones Machado, to assume respectively the deputy secretary positions of Staff and Chairman of the State Development Agency (Afeam).

The Health Secretariat is the personal physician and friend staff , Francisco Deodato; in the office of Finance is Alfredo Paes and, the Secretary of Education is Lourenço dos Santos Pereira Braga. By the way, the son of Lawrence, Lourenço dos Santos Pereira Braga Junior is the head of the Advisory Technical Legislative of Staff. And along with the father occupies the lot that Santos Pereira Braga always had in the state administrations.

The son of Gilberto Mestrinho, political father , John Thome Verçosa Mestrinho de Medeiros Raposo, He is the chief secretary of the staff of the governor office. And still he managed a feat: find room for Manoel Henrique Ribeiro as President of the almost dead Amazon Sanitation Company (Cosama), which operates only within the state.

As part of the "patchwork" could not miss the favors to allies in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (hazard). In the Housing Superintendency of command (Suhab) Diego is Afonso, the son of the deputy Adjuto Afonso, President of Amazonas Board of Trade (Juce), Antônio Lopes de Souza, He is brother of deputy Vicente Lopes.

Substitute William Abreu in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), is Daniel Vasconcelos, that belongs to the same Wanderley Dallas deputy church and his son Dallas Son, He assumed the office of Labor in October 2017, He came out in January this year and, instead took the councilor of Manaus, William Alexandre Silva de Abreu, nome indicated by Dallas. Thus, Parliament has two allied occupying their strategic positions to help his re-election.

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